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Mathdoc’s core mission is to use computer resources to organise mathematical research literature in France and offer publishing services for the wider mathematical community.


Mathdoc’s team of twenty people includes managers, editors, documentalists, developers and computer scientists. The team is run by mathematicians and benefits from the expertise of scientific advisors.

Mathdoc story

Mathdoc was founded in 1995. Its history has been marked by the development of services and cooperation that led to the creation of Numdam, centre Mersenne, CFP and Portail Math. Mathdoc’s dynamic approach is a catalyst for new projects.

Supervisory authorities and funding

Mathdoc’s activities are made possible thanks to regular support from two supervisory authorities: CNRS Mathematics – INSMI and Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA). This support includes human resources and operating funds.


Mathdoc has developed its own infrastructure to carry out its electronic archiving and dissemination activities.


The publications compile documents written by Mathdoc team members, including texts that have been published in scientific journals or magazines for the general public, presentation materials from conferences or study days and technical reports.

Activity reports

Every four years, when reviewed, Mathdoc draws up a report outlining its activities over the past years and its medium and long-term plans. This assessment is currently conducted by France’s National Committee for Scientific Research (CoNRS), Section 41.

Environment Committee

Mathdoc established its Environment Committee in 2022. It has since introduced initiatives related to meals, waste recycling and travel.