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The French digital mathematics library provided by Mathdoc corresponds to the Numdam (NUMérisation de Documents Anciens Mathématiques) programme launched in 2000. Numdam’s purpose is based on the very nature of mathematical documentation, which is characterised by its usefulness on very large time scales, including those of different sciences, sometimes asynchronously. As a result, chemists, physicists or economists often have recourse to outdated results (including entire fields of mathematics that are no longer relevant to mathematicians). The originality of Numdam rests on four factors:

Scientific accreditation

Only texts that have been approved and published are presented, excluding pre-publications.

Open access

Free access to documents, after a possible variable restriction of 2 to 10 years established by the publishers.

Complete collections

Journals are digitised from their beginning (sometimes mid-19th century) and recent articles are introduced as soon as they are published, when possible.


A great deal of attention is paid to data enrichment using matching which establishes links between the references of published articles quoted in bibliographies and the major mathematical bibliographic reference databases.


Numdam provides access to full texts of mathematical research publications:

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Journal articles
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Seminar and conference proceedings
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Lecture notes
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in 48 journals and 38 seminars


in 7 collections out of which 4 lecture notes

doctoral theses

amounting to…

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Mathdoc has developed effective and ergonomic interfaces for browsing Numdam collections. Users can therefore browse Numdam collections volume-by-volume. Within each volume, they can then browse article-by-article. Users can then find additional information by clicking on the title of an article to access its full record, including a summary, bibliography, links to zbMATH, Jahrbuch and MathSciNet, BibTeX records, RIS or EndNote for export, How to cite / cite by, etc. The breadcrumb trail allows users to navigate from one article to another or return to the collection record in one click.

Search interface

An advanced search interface also allows for multi-journal and multi-criteria access. The following fields are searchable: journal, author, title words, years, and full text. The interface also offers the possibility to refine the search using bibliographies. It is then possible to combine a search on an author who quotes another, which opens interesting perspectives during bibliographic searches.

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