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The NUMiR project aims to digitise monographs from the Mathématiques Informatique Recherche (MIR) libraries of Paris Diderot and Pierre and Marie Curie universities. Full-text access is restricted to members of RNBM via a connection through Portail Math. It began in 2009 with out-of-print books from publishers Springer and Birkhaüser.


Mathdoc contributed to the project by providing its methods and support during the preparation and production phases and the online publication of the monographs.

During the preparation phase, Mathdoc helped draft the terms of reference and technical specifications. It also participated in the comparative analysis of the offers and the choice of provider. Mathdoc had never digitised monographs before. It therefore had to conduct work to adapt the document type definition (DTD).

The production phase, particularly quality control, was carried out at the MIR library, following a training phase at Mathdoc, using specifically adapted tools.

The online phase was carried out under Mathdoc’s supervision by a contractor paid by Université de Paris 6 from the NUMiR budget. He installed the PHPBoost software and set up the search engine to have a (separate) search function for metadata on the publications and their bibliographies. He also made a number of simple developments to achieve the ergonomics expected by the Parisian colleagues.


NUMiR provides access to 372 publications from the following collections:

282 titles were edited by Springer, 81 titles by Birkhaüser. The complete works of Charles Ehresmann were later added to this list, as well as a course by Bruno Poizat and a book by Pierre Dolbeault, which can be distributed freely because they are not subject to the contract concluded with Springer. This is not the case today because open access was not included in the specifications for the distribution platform created for this project, which is currently frozen.