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The EuDML project

The European Digital Mathematics Library (EuDML) is a project aimed at establishing a digital reference library in mathematics. 50% of its funding comes from the European Commission under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme, and is part of the global effort to create a digital mathematics library. The consortium formed by the project partners comprises organisations that provide content (mathematical publications in digital form), expertise or technical means.

mathdoc cellule coordination documentaire eudml3The goal of the EuDML project is to provide mathematicians, scientists and the general public with a powerful tool for locating and accessing relevant texts. This tool is based on infrastructure in which local Digital Mathematics Library (DML), the content providers, share their metadata (in some cases the data itself) with a unified system, providing a single point of entry to a substantial portion of literature for end users, which currently includes over 270,000 documents, while also developing advanced services and machine interfaces.

The library is spread over several centres in Europe (called local DML centres), each of which archives a subset of the corpus. Publishers wishing to collaborate with EuDML must be in contact with an EuDML project partner and deposit their archives there. Beyond these activities, EuDML also supports the public nature of science and is in favour of free access to the archives of scientific publications (freedom of access to all content is a sine qua non condition for participation). The project adheres to all appropriate technological standards to facilitate the representation, exchange and discovery of knowledge.

Mathdoc’s contributions

Mathdoc significantly contributed to the following actions:

The project lasted three years, from February 2010 to January 2013. The activities are now supported by the EuDML initiative, a European consortium which includes Mathdoc.

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