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Centre Mersenne

Centre Mersenne is an open access scientific publishing infrastructure that Mathdoc has been developing since 2018 with the support of its trustees and the IDEX of Grenoble. Centre Mersenne was created to promote diamond open access (immediate open access, without publication costs for authors) and targets two specific groups:

mathdoc cellule coordination documentaire teacherresearchers

who gain free access to journal articles published on the centre Mersenne platform.

mathdoc cellule coordination documentaire editoreditorial teams

who can manage their journals independently by using the editing tools developed by centre Mersenne.

The journals, books, proceedings and seminars available on the centre Mersenne platform come from all scientific and technological disciplines and are distributed in diamond open access, mainly written in LaTeX.

Phases and funding

CFP story


Centre Mersenne inherited the content from the Cedram (center for the dissemination of mathematical academic journals), which Mathdoc ran from 2005 to 2017.

The journals from Cedram now form its mathematical core. Centre Mersenne also expanded its disciplinary fields to integrate journals from Science and Technology disciplines while expanding its services.

Centre Mersenne draws on the expertise Mathdoc has acquired through its management of the Numdam (digital library) and Cedram (dissemination of academic mathematics journals) programmes.


Mathdoc develops centre Mersenne with support from CNRS and Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA). It also receives support from the following sources:

Centre Mersenne also receives donations from laboratories, universities and libraries. The main donors are:


Centre Mersenne has two governing bodies:

Steering committee

The steering committee meets twice a year. It is kept informed of activities, provides strategic guidance, and establishes the priorities when the workload exceeds available resources. It regularly invites scientific experts (Chairman of the Scientific Council, Director of the Open Research Data Department – DDOR). It consists of:

Mathdoc’s scientific council

The scientific council is responsible for reviewing the journals’ applications to centre Mersenne and giving an opinion on the directions for centre Mersenne. It is comprised of mathematicians who reflect their commitment to geographical and thematic diversity.


Management and scientific leadership

Evelyne Miot
Scientific manager

Vincent Beffara
Scientific manager

Olivier Labbe
IT manager

Loren Coquille
Scientific advisor

Administrative and financial management

Céline Talbi
Administrative and financial manager


Célia Vaudaine
Centre Mersenne operational manager

Murielle Serlet

Mouhamadou-Moustapha Deme
Publishing assistant

Nicolas Franco-Nollet
LaTeX layout designer and standards officer

Alexandre Moeschler
LaTeX layout designer and standards officer

IT and development

Patrick Bernaud

Simon Chevance

Jérôme Touvier

Franck Lontin
System & network administrator

See the documents produced by Mathdoc on centre Mersenne.