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Portail Math

Portail Math is produced in collaboration with Mathrice and RNBM. Initiated in 2012 and available online since February 14, 2014, it has since been improved by several major updates.

Origin of the project

The French mathematical community expressed its need for long-term access to professional literature on several occasions, notably by submitting two proposals as part of EQUIPEX 2010 and 2011 calls for projects. Although these projects were not selected, the lead agency, INSMI, nevertheless decided in July 2012 to launch a project to create a national mathematics portal allowing access to documentary resources and useful services for researchers in the field by involving all the relevant stakeholders. The guidelines for the Projet de portail national pour les mathématiques, national portal for mathematics project of 16 July 2012 specifies the context, scope, action plan and the related projects.

Purpose of the project

It aims to establish a portal that meets the professional needs of members of the French higher education and research community, by offering a simplified access point to the following: