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2024 Collective cristal medal for PCMath

The PCMath project receives the Collective cristal medal which rewards “direct support for research” teams. The PCMath is a plan, in which some thirty libraries in France participate, coordinating at the national level the conservation, in the best possible conditions, of the printed collections of mathematics periodicals in order to guarantee long-term access to the scientific community.

The Catalogue Fusionné des Périodiques de Mathématiques, combined catalogue of mathematical periodicals, developed by Mathdoc, is the tool used to implement the PCMath. Three members of Mathdoc are winners of the Collective cristal medal for the work done around the CFP and the support of the plan:

  • ​Philippe Besnier, web developer
  • Simon Panay, web developer (from 2018 to 2022)
  • Céline Smith, documentation and cooperation manager


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