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Mathrice – RNBM – Groupe Calcul Days: March 2024

The Mathrice – RNBM – Groupe Calcul inter-network days take place from 11 to 14 March 2024 at the IMAG building on the St Martin d’Hères campus in Grenoble. Renewing the joint meeting of the Mathrice and RNBM networks during the 2014 days organized in Grenoble and more recently in Paris with a joint Mathrice / Groupe Calcul day at the previous 2023 meetings at the IHP, the 3 INSMI networks gather once more in Grenoble the same week with sessions specific to each network and common sessions. Link to the programme of the days for the RNBM.

The latest news

The centre Mersenne is organising a day of exchange on June 11th with the editorial boards of the journals in order to discuss their needs,...